Purpose: The purpose of Ball 4 God Softball League is to have fun and fellowship with other Christians. We hope to strengthen our Christian community through coming together with believers and playing a simple game of softball.

Requirements to enter league:
1. The team must be sponsored by a church.

2. Each team member must regularly attend church. It is the responsibility of the coach/pastor of each team to monitor their team.


1. Safety: All games should be played with safety in mind. The preference is no sliding. However, should the need arise; please keep in mind the safety of the person covering the base. NO METAL CLEATS.

2. Team Conduct: Have fun. Be respectful. No swearing, smoking, or drinking. Enjoy yourself. WWJD.

3. Pitching: The game will be played slow pitch. The arc of the ball must be between 6-12 feet. The pitcher’s mound will be 46 feet away.

4. Equipment: A 12″ softball will be provided by the league for each game. The league will also provide the mats, bases, etc. Each team is responsible for their own mitts and bats.

5. Strike Zone: It will be considered a strike if any part of the ball hits any part of the mat or home plate (provided it has the correct arc).

6. Starting Count: The beginning count will be one strike and one ball. A foul ball on the third strike is considered an out regardless of who is batting.

7. Players: A minimum of 8 players must be on the field at any given point with a minimum of three women. If 8 players cannot be met it will be considered a forfeit, unless the other team has extra players that wish to cross over. A maximum of twelve players will be in the line-up at any given point. Players may sub in and re-enter as needed. Line-ups are to be turned into the other team, and scores should be compared after every inning to avoid any confusion.

8. Batting: The first 6 batters must alternate either man/woman or woman/man. After that, fill in as necessary. Men can bat natural handed. No bunting.

9. Courtesy Runners: Should there be a need for a courtesy runner, it will be the person who committed the last out.

10. Limit of Play: Each game is limited to either 7 innings or 1 hour of play (whichever comes first). If the score is tied then play resumes until one team has won. There will be no games that end in ties. If after 5 innings a team is ahead by 10 runs, the game will be considered completed.

11. Umpires: Home team will provide the home plate umpire with the away team providing the field umpire. Unless absolutely necessary, it is preferred that these umpires not play during the course of the game.

12. Age of players: The minimum age requirement is 16. The person has to be 16 or turning 16 within that calendar year. If any player is under the age of 18 they must have a signed permission slip indicating their parents gave them permission to play and may obtain medical treatment should an injury occur. This permission slip must also have a contact number in order for the hospitals to call their parents.

13. Commit Line: There will be a commit line 20 feet from home plate. Once a player crosses that line, they must proceed towards home. All plays at the plate will be a force out regardless of position of runners on the bases. Runners need to step on the mat when crossing home allowing the fielder to use home plate. If this does not happen each team will receive a warning, after that any other incidences will be considered an out. This will avoid undue injuries.

14. Swapping of players: As stated above, if there aren’t enough players to play on the field, players from the other team may cross over.

15. North Diamond and Windsor Diamond: The North Diamond will have a limit of 2 over-the-fence homeruns per team per game. Anything after that will be considered an out. Should a fly ball be tipped by the fielder over the fence it will be a homerun, but WILL NOT count against the homerun limit. If your team loses a ball in the pond, your team will be responsible for replacing it. It’s a fair trade, right?

16. Cones: There will be cones set up at 150 feet in the outfield, effectively marking off a line at which no outfielder may pass until the ball has been hit by the batter. Once the ball has been hit by the batter, the fielder may move to any position on the field.

17. Tournament Play: The first weekend of the tournament will be Round Robin on all four diamonds with all teams having an opportunity to play. The winners of each diamond will then advance to the Championship weekend which is a double elimination tournament. Which diamond and which teams you face for the Round Robin Tournament will be determined by your end of the season seeding (win/loss percentage). An example would be as follows (12 teams involved): On the Middle diamond: the 1, 6, 9, 12 seeds play; North diamond: 2, 5, 8, 11 seeds; Arthur: 3, 4, 7, 10 seeds. Winners are based first on wins vs. losses, then runs scored vs. runs scored against, then head-to-head match ups, then (if necessary) we will revert back to the original seeding. The seeding for the championship will be determined in the same manner, first by the win/loss record, and then by runs scored vs. runs scored against, and then we will revert to the original end-of-season seeding if necessary. So it will be very important that everyone keep track of the total runs during tournament play. It will make a difference!